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Rocks in space


From ’78, off the LP Racines Synthétiques the sole collaborative effort from French duo Joel Fajerman and Jan Yrssen aka Robert Viger. Almost 40 years old. Think about that….

loosen up

broken_microphone_by_knightnephrite-d32a0eg 2

We like to talk, eventually, but for now It’s windy and cold so stay inside and press play.

Who killed the cock?


You left your courage in a tree and history gave you a blowjob.
Time is only love’s mistske. And love is what they used to make.

Who killed the cock? Who spoilt the show? Who did the job? Who dealt the blow?


Hadji Dimitar house 01-10km beach

Daddy Issues


Before he began making stuff like this, Adrian Enescu was Italo disco’s bastard Romanian son. From 1987 the track of his in the video above is an actual clip from the film musical O zi în București (A day in Bucharest)… sat on the couch in my 250th viewing of The Sound of Music – Special Edition: Remastered for VHS, my 7 year old self is FOMOing so hard right now. Grupel Stereo was a pop duo he produced for – digging the particularly Eastern vibe of In Vis, the vocals kind of remind me of Asha Puthli’s Space Talk.

Adrian Enescu – Cuvinte ncruciate (Crosswords)
Grupul Stereo – Plopii Impari
Grupul Stereo – În Vis

Green day

That intro, damnnn. Do yourself a favour though and don’t click that link, or it gonna seriously fuck up your Youtube suggestions… unless that’s what you’re into, then even still man you’ve gotta update your game – that decade is done. It’s 2015, you can’t coax 14 year olds with pre-emo-post-punk-revival shit and think you’re gonna get results.. we’re just looking out for ya.

drink it all


‘The power of this solar eclipse will remove rose-tinted glasses and veils that hide the truth.

We cannot stop it nor can we choose to postpone our own awakening. This – right here, right now – is the end of denial, the end of artifice, the end of avoidance.

This is life in all its terrible grace and terrifying beauty. For this we were born: a visceral, unavoidable, undeniable confrontation with the very heart of All That Is.’

Is your relationship status rly complicated?

birthMaiden release from P!STA Records, the sub-label of Nudge’s (DJ P!STA & Dumbo Beat) Bologna based 320KB Music imprint. Complicated can work tho.

you’ve let yourself go

I really should be more aware of my facial hair in corporate environments

Holistic vibes from Sorcerer

Having a go

tumblr_mbxxazDdZk1qzezhmo1_500Stay sunny LA.
Sasha Desree
– Give It A Try

Walk On

tumblr_ni1m6oAD4G1qznydjo1_1280Sean Bowie produces under a heap of different guises, but it’s the stuff he’s making as Yves Tumor that I’m really enjoying.. Interesting choice of name – made me google Yves Sait Laurent’s cause of death, which was brain cancer by way. The good news is Bowie’s music is much less on the macarbe side, more like a little benign growth or something – just a little in ‘n out day surgery and it’s happy days.



Don’t mind

tumblr_m9q0n4U9N61qahkqdo1_1280F.U.S.E. – From our minds to yours (Intro)
From Our Minds To Yours Vol. 1 VA/Champion 1991

Ode to joy


Bit premature but the heat is cumming – edging forward, so close… mouth is dry, shut your eyes, don’t lose focus now.

Cruise kontroll

Voyage Recordings

Pick up, bae

image1South African funk circa 1986. Fresher than the smell emanating from your bosses crotch this morning – Friday vibes.

Sofire – I’m Calling You

Cover girl


from volume 1 of Maft Sai’s Thai Funk Zudrangma compilation series. Get it here.

David Maguiness – Bismuth

Description reads “Irish techno”… so must be


I remember way back when Butter Sessions was just a fucking good blogspot site slung by melbourne  duo Sleep D. Something like half a decade, a podcast series, a label and their own productions later, the third outing on their own namesake imprint still drips with that golden fatty stuff. Let it guide its way smoothly into all your quivering sensory orifices. Occular porn courtesy of Christian Petersen. Buy it here.

stop relying on that body

take a trip