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In Tsoi we trust


Short but super sweet. Russian new-wave from Viktor Tsoi’s outfit Kino from 1988. Probably one of the most prolific and influencial musicians from the USSR during that period until he died in a car accident in 1990.

loose animals


cheap & cheerful

Sounds like something you think you’ve heard don’t it? Japanese synth-pop circa ’83.

man, you’ve changed

panorama 24.02.2014 - CopyWe get that acid techno and the origins of trance go together like molestation charges and a Catholic boys school.
Listening to stuff like  Cosmic Baby’s 1992 LP debut Stellar Supreme, one couldn’t be blamed for envisioning an eternal and devout marriage between the two – and sure, whilst history sadly ensured a nasty split, we can’t help but thank whatever God you pray to that we’re not about to drop 14 euros to endure someone like Van Buuren’s 9 hour close on monday morning… can yhou imagine? ATB signs to Ostgut Ton – thinking about it now though I would actually definately pay to witness that… Anyway my point being that I’ve forgotten it, but in short and only for a short while before turning sour, things were pretty sweet. But how the fuck though does a guy go from producing really nice stuff like tracks below, to making Gabba/gabber?(click this link and give yourself a laugh) just a coupla years later? like a proper gabber classic even… Just one of life’s many mysteries innit.

The original and the best

tumblr_nm21dgQkkH1sviuduo1_1280 Oh wow – what? this made its way onto Growing Bin Record’s most recent guest mix, courtesy of Japanese collector Dubby. This classic 90s garb epitomises the kind of audio and video collages at the centre of the decade’s whole nostalgia/revival thing that’s currently hypin’ about the place – but this is it in all its original glory. 1990 was a good year.

always & forever


Beat detectives, spewed up acid, summer k haze, heavy humorous house – nothing like them exist, atleast on planet earth 😛

Constantly crazy consistent they are releasing a new album through notnotfun in june and Where to now? Records which is a label to watch out for, I cant wait. Here is a sneaky preview of whats to cum.




its really warm

these girls from vancouver are pumping out not so serious laid back house pop and doing it well. Check em out as well as other artists on the genero label.



Buy the album, open your windows, roll a smoke & get into bed.

that’s nice

Niagara falls

New EP from Portugese threesome Niagara falls next month – the second date from Charles Drakeford’s own FTD imprint. Just a little taste below but given the range and genious obscurity of past tracks, it’s gonna make you gush.

prehumous appreciation


Great track, even better photo montage. Georg Stettner is still alive, but it’s good to know that the power point for his funeral is already prepped for when he isn’t.

The sky was blue


Fits nice for your sunny sunday morning.

you popped my 303


How soon is now?

This is gonna be real nice. Snippet from the Japanese artist Yoshinori Hayashi‘s debut EP The End Of The Edge, set to be released reaaal soon by the gods at Going Good.

Dangerousely liaising


Well it’s April now so it’s kind of fitting, no?