man, you’ve changed

panorama 24.02.2014 - CopyWe get that acid techno and the origins of trance go together like molestation charges and a Catholic boys school.
Listening to stuff like  Cosmic Baby’s 1992 LP debut Stellar Supreme, one couldn’t be blamed for envisioning an eternal and devout marriage between the two – and sure, whilst history sadly ensured a nasty split, we can’t help but thank whatever God you pray to that we’re not about to drop 14 euros to endure someone like Van Buuren’s 9 hour close on monday morning… can yhou imagine? ATB signs to Ostgut Ton – thinking about it now though I would actually definately pay to witness that… Anyway my point being that I’ve forgotten it, but in short and only for a short while before turning sour, things were pretty sweet. But how the fuck though does a guy go from producing really nice stuff like tracks below, to making Gabba/gabber?(click this link and give yourself a laugh) just a coupla years later? like a proper gabber classic even… Just one of life’s many mysteries innit.

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