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i’ve sinned

with a name like docteur satan you’d expect darker. Jus the right level of dark pour moi dohbehind-convent-walls

Released on I’m a cliche


chicken or the egg?

tumblr_nmyfjzxWuy1sviuduo1_1280  real nice vibes from Chilean label collab between Diamante RecordsNo Problema Tapes. Dunno which one the artist Pablo R. Ruiz is particularly affiliated with or whether No Problema Tapes just enabled the cassette release or whatever but get on it cos it’s a limited run of 25 – or don’t cos you can just download the thing until the internet runs out. Listening to this this morning I feel like i can hear the Latino influence and you will too probably but maybe it’s just cos we  knew it was before listening to it……. ?

at the end of the day it’s all protein anyway

lo-fi , heavy highs track from early sounds recording vol 2. Eat up that crunchy kick.   

Sitting on things

Digging Golden Ivy – i guess Sweeden’s single-white-female answer to Andras Fox. Blissed out, oceanic synth chords with soft, sandy drum kicks blaah…. just really good. With previous releases via Fasaan and The Broadcast Society, she’s got a mini-LP which includes the track above with the video Levitera coming out on Music For Dreams real soon.

buttercup you build me up

Suuper nice builds. From the V/A Maddler release from Italian netlabel Ruzzi – free to download here too em_s_foot_large

the lost weekend

To the lost and the last.ZHfeEnFPUWU

HAT Dsp Holiday (1998)

gimme more

rub a dub dub

harder  softer  faster  slower  build it up  take your time






Those early naughties tiki vibes that we’re all salivating over at the moment – from the OST of the Playstation game Rayman 3 (released in 2004). Reminds me of Kava Kon or something… the first track is essentially a cover of Hit the Road Jack… Ray Charles would later die that year…

Crossing the swamp. mp3
Moonlit Swamps – Echoes in the dark
Teensie Highway (muffled).mp3
Pursuing Andre – the first hoodlum.mp3

Good day for it

some early 90’s french pop jus’ cos. poor Jordy, your parents don’t give a fuck about you. 

cooking at home


two tracks released a year apart in ’92 & 93 respectively from J-pop songstress Mishio Ogawa. Now aged 56, the former member of groups such as Chakra and Love, Peace & Trance – Ogawa has worked beside Y.M.O.’s Haroumi Hosono, whilst still finding the time to manage her Twitter account.   –

Do you durrrr?

niagara-falls-day-trip-from-toronto-in-toronto-149572Duke Lake – Do you (Craxi Disco edit)

original single release von ’83

Say bye daddy


Driven by a throbbing baseline, SBD rides echoey waves of layered synths through the heavens, bumbing into housey kicks along the way. before burning up and breaking into the great unknown at 3:18. Super nice third release from the guys at Manchester label Ceberus Future Technologies – and I think the debut from Montauk Boys. Out on cassette now – Buy that shit in all its 16 track glory here