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manny if any

Niagara-Falls-Baby--22908from Sk8 Beatz vol. II – that’s the sequel to Sk8 Beatz vol. I…
probably happy to hear anything that’s coming from Rio Padice’s own Naples based Periodica Records. this round courtesy of Manny who contributed to DJ Belmont’s efforts on the first edition… the grimey drum machines remain, only this time maybe more of a summer vibe…cos it’s summer?!?!?! likening something to a seasonal vibe is probably the lowest form of description on my part.

byrne to disc

remember david byrne? the early days – before his foray into window’s media player pin up boydom

going well


 drumrolll. this is finally out. on it in get. buy

free the slaves

feed the poor

both ways

tumblr_nlfag5bFdD1tdhimpo1_1280nice rework – strikes a good balance between the hi-nrg of the “radio edit” and the drawnout dubbines of the 12″ original.
not gonna say I prefer Cerrone over Barry’s ballad-esque interpretation though…one of his more underrated for sure.

dive in

tumblr_nkp7n9qT7M1qb141to1_1280to your weekend 

train horn(y)





tumblr_np4n7jjBb91qznydjo1_1280another day, another dollar…less, and another one of those videos
coz youtube didn’t have enough
nice track

ハートカクテル (Heart Cocktail)

cos it’s never raining when i’m wit chu bae. You’re the rainbow of my technicolour trip.
Taken from the late 80’s TV adaptation of Japanese manga cartoon Heart Cocktail, music courtesy of Matsuoka Naoya.