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no time like now


‘Hi! I’m Gail. How would you like your soul eaten today? Fries with that?’


raw whacks


warren is raw. reeally raww and bass heavy
just $1 for his nice little six tracker ep debut over on bandcamp 

Hi-tech jazz

tumblr_njq7uq57fo1qznydjo1_1280We been playing this again and again this past week, and probably gonna keep doing that. Accordring to Discogs the first soviet jazz-rock band, Arsenal (in English) were formed in 1973… there’s some really entertaining footage floating around from their live shows, can’t seem to find it now of course but check out youtube if you find the thought of heavy psych/prog rock guitars fused with a sax tittilating. don’t know what year this track is from as I’m pretty sure it’s not from the album with the cover on the youtube video… probably not even the right artist. great song though, no?  ..

your mumma always said you were a good boy.

Starting out with their first release in ’83, Boytronic were a boy band from Hamburg – and I guess whilst their image made it pretty easy to brand them as synth-pop, it’s a bit of a cop out as their scope extended right into really well produced Hi NRG italo and synth/new-wave… They’ve got a great back cataloge that reaches right up til 2006 or something, but tbh listening to anything post-early 90s might make you scrunch your face up like you did when you found out that Woody Allen was fucking his daughter. Whilst there’s a baseline in the version below that will drive any dancefloor, I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for the drawn out savouring of this 8 minute interpretation.

stop drinking your coke

prince-drinking-a-cokesays she. reminding you that it’s 1996, those female vocals from around 1:10 make this track for me. always going to be fascinated with anything from Adrian Enescu – with a career spanning 40 years and still going, the man has gone from producing electronic rock to synth heavy italo to 90’s/early 00’s balearic chillout – all whilst continually composing symphonies for ballet companies around the world.
it’s okay to feel a bit shit now.

Adrian Enescu – Electroblues (1996)

Hate cats and love dogs

the first track is from the new Zoovox LP GREAT CATS AND WEAK DOGS via Lectric Sands (their fourth outing on the label). was originally set to be shelved in June but it ain’t june anymore so it looks like we’re waiting ’til autumn… some post-monsoon season joy.
second track is just a tuune…


tweet tweet

kenny larkin as a wee lad


tumblr_m4calrD4se1qbnf81o1_1280jus’ me gazing out my window

do you know who you are?

tumblr_nhv3kc51tR1qggcywo1_500real 90’s chill vibes – some kind of tiki/troppo thing happening that’s not dissimilar to the likes of Kava Kon -, but as if that’s all going on whilst in the bowels of a sweaty Peurto Rican jungle. Ocasio’s connection to his Latino roots is pretty prevalent throughout all of his music, of which there’s really a hell of a lot – some of his recent stuff does kind of verge upon the cusp of laptop happy marimba tech house shittyness, but there’s a heap of great stuff to be found regardless. Check his label Tribal Winds.

Don’t be nervous

tumblr_nre5a8frrJ1qllcawo1_1280 do get yourself to his live show at some stage before you die.
debut ep out on magic waves soon – anxiety is from their first little compilation  

He ain’t heavy

tumblr_ngt93acvG11ryvbreo1_1280He’s my brother.
Totally missed this little outing back in april.  Nice combination… how could the pairing of DJ Jus-ed & Move D be otherwise though? The gritty, beat oriented techno so distinctive of Jus-ed drives through your body, its core quivering – overcome by the soulful brand of house that Move D owns. That’s what would happen, and it does. From their Brother’s EP, out on Underground Quality

Dream lover

tumblr_nmr07dxWlm1rx7h4fo1_500the use of marimbas in this track is unusually hot… think tiki bar come high rise swingers lounge as the sun begins to set.

You might know this one of Rimbert’s

what’s the story

tumblr_na1mdyGnbg1s8wo4no1_500rhymes with spatial: facial, glacial, racial.

From way back, before Mystic Jungle became a Tribe.
Crew or no crew, it’s all still working. buy


tumblr_n0tb1qNZJk1qkjhx2o1_1280Those keyboard/synths are unforgettable, but the drum machines make this track.

wet dream


Warm time


from Shinoby’s Sensory Depravation Tank EP – the third release on his own imprint ISTHEWAY..