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not enuff

When weekends are worth leaving the house for tumblr_mamegqgLIL1r3x5j9o3_400

they say black is back,

but when did it ever leave?
every year once the warmer months have descended, we experience amnesia en masse as we hail the return of balearia…
but it’s not the sound that always leaves us – that’s just the summer. 

til’ death parts us

tumblr_mqke19fwnT1qbi5mho1_1280great wedding/funeral vibes from South African electro genius Rex Rabanye. 30 years good.  

is it balearic?

tumblr_nnvslvZqpk1sviuduo1_1280meant to post this a while ago but didn’t. from Melbourne producer Braden Schlager back in 1991… really interesting balearica- the first of it’s kind I’ve really heard from that particular time and place.. the release kind of slipped throuhg the cracks but is fortunately getting a re-release on the label of Michael Kyuck’s (Noise In my Head) re-issue label Efficient Space

kiss kiss bang bang

hat’s a banger I guess. Unreleased though and I dunno when that’s supposed to happen… since popping up just last year, the Moscow producer has birthed a string of techno releases – including both archetypal, and then other less traditional stuff. Check out Genesis the mini-LP released in Feburary for something more left-field. Steve Murphy’s remix is on there which is maybe more house than anything but I’m not complaining.


tumblr_ne6dlzBHq01qznydjo1_1280 nice collection of rare-ish tracks from French electronic music pioneer Philippe Laurent. Out on vinyl and mp3 via Parisian label Serendip, the LP consists of 8 tracks worth of previously (i think) unreleased stuff that was recorded onto cassette by Laurent between ’80-’85. Listening beyond the moog in the track above, the drums and the odd high-hat inflect in a way that gives the illusion of a housey influence… illusion because it’s 1980 and house doesn’t exist yet ?!?!?!?!?!? buy it here

warm time


the birds

Basso you’re more reliable than my mum’s Corolla.
From Anselm Spring’s 1987 LP Macht Der Schoenheit. Will cost you 68 euros over at growing bin, or a little less on discogs.