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Greed is good

take a nice little italo burner and throw in some housey keys and that’s alright, no?
from the Californian label MysidianGreed comes off the debut EP from Wall $treet, the new project of New York electro/synth/italo dons Pierre Klein und Nico Nightingale – whose repertoires include outings with Bordello a Parigi, Electronic Emergencies and Pylon, just to name a couple. only the third release from Mysidian, but with a 5 tracker from George Hysteric also just out last week, it’s kind of comforting to add another top dog from the states to the mix. get the vinyls here

I love you George

something good

c6kw3L6xFH8heard this in a mix from a Tony Humphries Hacienda set circa ’92. sampling the Cultural Vibe classic from way back in ’86 (which Humphries had a role in editing), Chant takes the best parts and injects a heap of eroticism I guess.
that’s a good thing 

lazy son

tumblr_nmyge9xU7p1sviuduo1_500  was nostalgically listening to this for the first time in a long time on the weekend, and just seen today it’s gonna cop a little re-release… which is great as it’s possibly the most withstanding track put out by An-2 and the Theomatic crew – think it was about 5 years ago when a good friend showed it to me for th efirst time…
Not really a re-release per-se – Lazy Sun the original has actually been thrown on to the b-side of  what would be the most current Theomatic release – a cover of the track courtesy of Oma & Amberflame... have a listen and buy it as the whole thing is out as of today.

still squatting

y-002 Inoue Shirabe kind of fell from the sky and into the scene earlier this year, just like one of those babies dropped off on your doorstep by a big, ugly bird.
Available to buy both digitally and on vinyl since last week, Camping in your soul is track 2 on his second outing with Parisian label Antinote… gentl. grubby techno, with a low-fi penetrating basseline.
‘cos im just a tenant of your heart bb, waiting to be evicted.

the years I worked


not unlike the years i don’t work
less free time to take photos of my mouth tho_

jus a bitta fun


disco nection

tumblr_nt94cylKxV1qz7lxdo1_400off the third volume of the compilation Pay It All Back circa ’91, via Adrian Sherwood’s UK based label ON-U Sound.

hot since

from Mushroom Project’s 12″ Rio Disco, out at the beginning of October via Hell Yeah recs – pre-order hier!
loving this sun-hazed direction from the Italian duo… the second track Rio Disco ’94 does chug to their usual grind if that’s what you’re missin’.

deep inside ur love


if you don’t have anything nice to say


Baby got balance

tumblr_ntr045E96X1qz7lxdo1_500skip to around the 2:22 mark if drone heaviness isn’t really your thing… Composed by Edward Artemiev and Yuri Bogdanov from the LP Metamorphosis, Motion was released in 1980 on Melody – the state run and sole label of the USSR – fun fact. Produced using an EMS Synthi 100 (which was super rare – only 40 were ever built), the track contains a strong melodic element that a lot of early “cosmic” stuff kind of lacks… I guess this marriage and ensuring its congruity is the reason why similar works today from the likes of Tornado Wallace are really easy and enjoyable for us to pallate.

In ‘n’ out

Rodion & Mammarella are like fish and chips  – you like fish and you like chips, put them together and it’s just immensly satisfying.
poor poetics, even poorer analogy – good song though. from their Monte Verita EP, just out on Les Disques De La Morte some days ago.  

I am Jam

green-eggs-and-hamJam I am.
wait for those keys 

Am I a walrus?

mythbuster moustachefrom the second solo effort of Belgian producer Walrus, via the label Roze Balletten, the namesake of which was a sex party for Belgian high-society in the ’70s…
released back in June, the thing is brimming with gentle summer vibes – remniscent of Lauer and the like…. should check out his synth-pop (for my lack of a better word) collab as Bright Entity, and watch out for a release of what I suppose is more club-ready techno, courtesy of 9300 Highstreet Records set for later this month – little preview at the end of dis mix.

from his album debut on tape back in 2013. have you heard that george clooney gets better with age?

your veiny arms

tumblr_mhp4a0z2YX1r7vejfo1_500guyz, dis is my vibe.
great edit from fizzy veins here 

fills good

tumblr_nk1g7cVJ231qzywvpo1_1280nice funky little filler from detroit

how does it feel?

tumblr_nsrvchzHem1qllcawo1_1280and that’s the end of the summer