the guest


forget about what’s already been, it’s better to end the year that was on a good note, no? build it all up again for the turn of the reign – then watch it collapse so gracefully around you… and repeat. for 100 years. 100 years of pure sweat, testosterone (or is it?) and sculpted biceps. the circle of life is a thing of beauty and made all the more beautiful for us today courtesy 100 Years of Solid Dudes. 


Girls Chat Room – Masticar y Masticar
Wooden Email – Grace Meets Johnny
Aristotle Chipotle – Wine Cooler Country
Hizzaput – Hizzarhythm #3
Universo Paralelo – Piel De Farándula
Potent Mutant – His Power Is Yours
Ann Pog – U Know How U R
Jah Robotech – Victim of the Brain (Instrumental)
Girls Chat Room – We’re All Out of Milk
Aufklärung Gang – Tanzen
Hibiscus Ltd. – From the Top!
Horrible Triangle – Caligula
Theater in Trance – Caves of AltaVista
Girls Chat Room – See How U Dub
Gösig Marsvin – Mansion Dance
Girls Chat Room – The Girls Chat Room Revolutionary Pledge of Allegiance
A Holiday Message from 100 Years of Solid Dudes



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