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0207lre_01zoom-1997_Honda_Prelude-Drivers_Side_ViewCassette out via Astral Soda 

Eurogenous zone

1 decayed later

10007393_10152477363609873_6128291230008574255_nrules need not apply if you’re gwen stefani and you can re-wind before No Doubt to 2016 when you’re looking the youngest you never did – but time is either gonna gradually increase your net worth, or you’re gonna date like vaporwave. decaying at the end of it all is the only guarantee unfortunately.
also from 2005 –  didn’t have the same success as Hollaback Girl, but that’s cos it’s only seeing a realease now – is a bunch of Drexciya-esque electro from Dainish trio The Consumer. Actually you can’t really call it a realase, just sum trackz up0loaded onto soundcloud courtesy of Kondi Recordsthe kind of in-house label run by one of the group members, via which they released a couple of EP’s back then. Anyway, be this the year of back bringing electro and thus for these gems to see a proper vinyl issuing. donate to a good cause – my paypal accepts all currencies.



RU feeling bad?

studija_80_ja_i_ti_remiks_2014_disko_novogo_pokolenijaor just addicted to being sad?



goes around

From before Move D was Move D he and label-mate Jonas Grossmann were Deep Space Network – could really drop anything from their ’93 LP debut Big Rooms on here, it’s all aymazzayng. and you’re like Move D? wut? Sounds so good now too, now that you know we’re all/or all about to be 90’s reviving the shit out of everything, and will do so ’til we hate it. ’til it’s a faux pas. ’til you thank god all the 90’s kids have hit 30, have a real job, stopped making music just so we can all flog to death the next thang. circle of lyf 



All about that electronic? sitar/synth iznit. from the 1987 bollywood film Bappi Lahiri – when electronic music in India was still very much in its petting stages. Yeah, Charangit Singh’s Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat had been released 5 years previous but the thing was actually a bit of a commercial flop at its time of release, believe it or don’t.
different vibed, clinically clean edit here from Olefonken – he pastes together the choppiness and wipes out the inconsistencies – taken from the first vol. of the compilation Music For Starfishes To Fuck To –  via the label Vanilla Missionary.  

Float on

left the capsule

Babe, I don’t do labels

dog dressage

sounds old but just dropped in November so then we call it new – but not in a dated revivalist flogging a dead horse kind of way . The varied five-track ep is the Maiden release from Dutch imprint Go Music – a crew so motley that Discogs needs to use 9 different sub-genre’s to categorise it. and I don’t blame them. Go ‘n’ buy it.

gage my vibe


Craig you made my day. can’t seem to find a dl link for it, so I’m gonna add your ’95 nu-age/easylistening LP The Web to the long list of things I’ll never buy. starting off in funk, then finding his way into jazz-fusion, Peyton flirted hard with Italo-esque electro in the early ’80s – the nabbed rif from his most popular track Be Thankful For What You Got has got to be only reason alex barck’s 2011 remix of Glady’s Knight got catchy – did anyone ever hear the original?… then came the 90’s and these days Craig is a chill middle aged guy living the dream – jus’ flying planes and doing a lot of ambient/drone type stuff – and then making promo videos for the plane tours he conducts – like the one to the left – it’s for the Bahamas. black people, white ppl smiling – together everywhere – cus the vibe is friendly – friendly vibes – on average. average vibes friendly

the bass, the bass