gage my vibe


Craig you made my day. can’t seem to find a dl link for it, so I’m gonna add your ’95 nu-age/easylistening LP The Web to the long list of things I’ll never buy. starting off in funk, then finding his way into jazz-fusion, Peyton flirted hard with Italo-esque electro in the early ’80s – the nabbed rif from his most popular track Be Thankful For What You Got has got to be only reason alex barck’s 2011 remix of Glady’s Knight got catchy – did anyone ever hear the original?… then came the 90’s and these days Craig is a chill middle aged guy living the dream – jus’ flying planes and doing a lot of ambient/drone type stuff – and then making promo videos for the plane tours he conducts – like the one to the left – it’s for the Bahamas. black people, white ppl smiling – together everywhere – cus the vibe is friendly – friendly vibes – on average. average vibes friendly

the bass, the bass

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