1 decayed later

10007393_10152477363609873_6128291230008574255_nrules need not apply if you’re gwen stefani and you can re-wind before No Doubt to 2016 when you’re looking the youngest you never did – but time is either gonna gradually increase your net worth, or you’re gonna date like vaporwave. decaying at the end of it all is the only guarantee unfortunately.
also from 2005 –  didn’t have the same success as Hollaback Girl, but that’s cos it’s only seeing a realease now – is a bunch of Drexciya-esque electro from Dainish trio The Consumer. Actually you can’t really call it a realase, just sum trackz up0loaded onto soundcloud courtesy of Kondi Recordsthe kind of in-house label run by one of the group members, via which they released a couple of EP’s back then. Anyway, be this the year of back bringing electro and thus for these gems to see a proper vinyl issuing. donate to a good cause – my paypal accepts all currencies.



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