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how do you like it, how do you like it


From my backyard in 2013 I was listening, all sweaty and aloooone, wondering if someone else was hearing the genius.

3 years later im on the other side of the world, cold and gurning for the sun, but Climate Change is real and I’m no denier. It is ASS much of  a pleasure to present for your pleasure, The Sickness from the sickest inspectors of audio infections.

Without further ado, from Minneapolis, to us, to you – Beat Detectives. 45 minutes. 100% fresh ‘n’  no more bad rhymez

Sarah B and Chris Farstad – Waiting for the monorail
Laundry Machine field recording
Michael Robbins – Rhymes
Chill Sheriff
Miami B
Boring House Music Sample Ripper
Boring House Music 3
Heard It in the Club
Narco Funk 4
Riddim #6
Riddim #3
I rip It
G Force live field recording
Sax in the subway field recording
Oh I Did It (Outro)

I only love you in the morning

all about 3:15

Click track

you’re makin’ me sick. the way you tick
where is your click

speed kills

jazz infused dschungel from the OST of the 1999 game Racing Lagoon.
South Yokohama

don’t get it

but what’s to get
to get her let’s get

slow bleed

106095037_714video debut today in lieu of last years’ re-release via Dark Entries 






if u want



walk with me