how do you like it, how do you like it


From my backyard in 2013 I was listening, all sweaty and aloooone, wondering if someone else was hearing the genius.

3 years later im on the other side of the world, cold and gurning for the sun, but Climate Change is real and I’m no denier. It is ASS much of  a pleasure to present for your pleasure, The Sickness from the sickest inspectors of audio infections.

Without further ado, from Minneapolis, to us, to you – Beat Detectives. 45 minutes. 100% fresh ‘n’  no more bad rhymez

Sarah B and Chris Farstad – Waiting for the monorail
Laundry Machine field recording
Michael Robbins – Rhymes
Chill Sheriff
Miami B
Boring House Music Sample Ripper
Boring House Music 3
Heard It in the Club
Narco Funk 4
Riddim #6
Riddim #3
I rip It
G Force live field recording
Sax in the subway field recording
Oh I Did It (Outro)

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