Die Sonne

h-00115082here today, gone tomorrow but the next day ain’t here yet.


Klaus on the remix from a mid-naughties re-release of Gudren Gut’s 1996 LP Members of the Ocean Club – a track she made with vocals from fellow Berliner Blixa Bargeld – a guy who spent 20 years as a member of Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds. fun fact.
dating back to the 80’s, Gudren’s back catalogue is very well endowed – she is one of the 7 members of The Ocean Club a collective/label/radio show and sadly no longer running party within a room of Tresor, who were just doing great shit in Berlin’s underground scene (when it had one). other members included Thomas Fehlman from the Orb and  the guy who founded Arena – which still puts on great show, but if not for the crowd. a way better history of the crew explained here

Blixa Bargeld & Gudren Gut – Die Sonne (Klaus Schultze Hardcover Mix)


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