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soliders-gaydoska-com-52you were so good for a while
fitting vocals cut from Louis Malle’s 1958 drama Les amants (The lovers)
cassette or digital single available to pre-order now for 5 euro bucks via Waving Hands Recs

single white male

tommy2been so many months I been creeping you but you been outta my reach. finally got you there in my sights – props to Niels from Won From The Earth for IDing this – from this top mix he made 4 years ago. 


EZ az

3’s a crowd

spin round

watching-you-drive-awaythe carousel, like nobody’s watching babe.

ur up ur down ur round n round n til u get to the end n well it’s not the end but he says you’ve got to get off but you’re not ready to get off..

you climb down realising that the ride rode you…

Ocular was one of the pseudonyms used by the prolific techno, new beat & Euro dance producer/song writer Giora Schein.



a lifetime


Is a long time to be lonely.

I guess MTV doesn’t really show stuff like this anymore hey…hey no, probably not. that was from 1992. that’s why you don’t have a TV anymore. it’s 2016 and you’re just sitting in front of your computer touching yourself. just you, yourself and you cos it sure is one lonely planet and you’re all you’ve got.