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baby names

bae I don’t know if you got my message but I sent through a list of some potential baby names – what do you think? it’s only been a few weeks and the nurse says it’s hard to tell, so I thought we could just start painting the spare room a soft yellow? cos of the gender neutral thing… and I know mum just sent over those little pink socks she knitted but I do think it’s 2016 and there’s nothing wrong with encouraging a baby boy’s feminine side… anyway Marcus I love you and I know you’re going to be as good as being a dad as you are at making those videos you’re always uploading on the internet. XoXOX
also could you pick up a jar of pickles on your way home – omg CRAVINGS!

a special request

video courtesy of Marcus Mixx. Both tracks from bologna based imprint Crimini Record’s maiden release, the VA 4 trackerrr Zero Zero One DUH!
Marcus I want you to father my first born

finally out

tHoLmn3A1Csv. niiiice to finally see a debut EP on vinyl from berlin based DsB under his new moniker dane//close… via the label somehow related to the website//magazine zweikommasieben whose movements are always good to stalk. and for the tween inside you squealing til its voice breaks, Dane’s got a great tumblr over here



life on mars


baby I can’t see your eyes


but I know they’re made of stars.
Circa ’87. Polski jazz X Miami’s 5pm weekday soapie slot.

Marek Klimczuk – More Stars

Don’t swim

produced by Japanese animator Yoji Kuri in 1972. Garson-esque soundtrack vibes courtesy of Kaoru Tomita.

how do you like it, how do you like it


From my backyard in 2013 I was listening, all sweaty and aloooone, wondering if someone else was hearing the genius.

3 years later im on the other side of the world, cold and gurning for the sun, but Climate Change is real and I’m no denier. It is ASS much of  a pleasure to present for your pleasure, The Sickness from the sickest inspectors of audio infections.

Without further ado, from Minneapolis, to us, to you – Beat Detectives. 45 minutes. 100% fresh ‘n’  no more bad rhymez

Sarah B and Chris Farstad – Waiting for the monorail
Laundry Machine field recording
Michael Robbins – Rhymes
Chill Sheriff
Miami B
Boring House Music Sample Ripper
Boring House Music 3
Heard It in the Club
Narco Funk 4
Riddim #6
Riddim #3
I rip It
G Force live field recording
Sax in the subway field recording
Oh I Did It (Outro)

I only love you in the morning

all about 3:15

Click track

you’re makin’ me sick. the way you tick
where is your click

speed kills

jazz infused dschungel from the OST of the 1999 game Racing Lagoon.
South Yokohama

don’t get it

but what’s to get
to get her let’s get

slow bleed

106095037_714video debut today in lieu of last years’ re-release via Dark Entries 






if u want



walk with me



0207lre_01zoom-1997_Honda_Prelude-Drivers_Side_ViewCassette out via Astral Soda 

Eurogenous zone

1 decayed later

10007393_10152477363609873_6128291230008574255_nrules need not apply if you’re gwen stefani and you can re-wind before No Doubt to 2016 when you’re looking the youngest you never did – but time is either gonna gradually increase your net worth, or you’re gonna date like vaporwave. decaying at the end of it all is the only guarantee unfortunately.
also from 2005 –  didn’t have the same success as Hollaback Girl, but that’s cos it’s only seeing a realease now – is a bunch of Drexciya-esque electro from Dainish trio The Consumer. Actually you can’t really call it a realase, just sum trackz up0loaded onto soundcloud courtesy of Kondi Recordsthe kind of in-house label run by one of the group members, via which they released a couple of EP’s back then. Anyway, be this the year of back bringing electro and thus for these gems to see a proper vinyl issuing. donate to a good cause – my paypal accepts all currencies.



RU feeling bad?

studija_80_ja_i_ti_remiks_2014_disko_novogo_pokolenijaor just addicted to being sad?